Guest Artists


Paintings from our guest artists.

Paintings will not be judged for the competition but will be for sale.

acrylic mixed media 90cmx170cm $6800
Astrid Dahl acrylic mixed media 90cmx170cm $6800

Astrid Dahl

This painting is my way of showing RESPECT to the “Boat People” who braved tumultuous weather with heaving waves and winds to sail to Australia (sometimes with their families) to a better life in Australia. They paid all the money they could to change their opportunities for their families and their children. My father was a 5 pound immigrant in the 50’s and we had the luxury of travelling on a liner to get to Australia. He wanted a better life for my sister and I as we were young children from Asia. It was a brave move in those days but travelling on a leaky boat on the high seas is even more risky! I think the “boat people” and refugees should be respected.

‘A Soft Place to Fall’ by Noela Mills actylic & mixed 92x120cm $3300
Noela Mills

We are led to believe that Australia is a safe and comfortable place to live. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are many disaffected people and groups struggling for the most basic of human rights due to a myriad of tragic circumstances.
I wish that everyone had their own personal, comfortable, ‘Soft Place to Fall’, a place to reconnect with safety, peace, love and harmony through nature and the essence of the earth.
My painting represents this warm, loving space amidst a grove of nourishing abundance.

“Solitude” by Satya Demasson Oil on Belgium Linen 180cm x 110cm $7500
 Satya Demasson

In the face of all storms we can find that quiet space, the solitude to regain our strength. To be a guiding light, a secure and steadfast beacon for all in need.


Michael Torres Photography
Michael Torres

I have spent most of my life in Broome. I lived in Perth to complete my tertiary studies and then moved back to Broome to start a traineeship at Goolarri Media, which focused my learning into all aspects of media.

A significant influence on my life has been the fact that I am a cancer survivor. I had non-Hodgkins disease in 2000 and put my life on hold for 3 years. This was a turning point in my life and creative drive as I felt I was given a second chance. I now have the drive more than ever to succeed and grow as an artist and showcase my artform and personal life experiences.

I specialise in photography and new media practises such as visual projection, graphic motion design and web applications. Being in a remote area with limited access to any formal media school I have taught myself a range of media art forms which I have utilised continually in my employment with Goolarri.

wiruungga photograph by Ketakii Jewson-Brown $400

Brian Day photograph by Ketakii Jewson-Brown $400

Ketakii Jewson-Brown

After being gifted camera in her teens, Ketakii’s love of capturing moments began. As a mother of two for the past 9 years Ketakii has been forced to confront time and energy constraints in her arts practice. Through this she has become interested in highlighting and preserving moments that are oft unseen: the domestic, the mundane, the ordinary.  Using poetry, still photography and more recently the moving image, the majority of Ketakii’s work has this “domestic” theme as its inspiration and the balance of art and the everyday at its centre. There is a force that guides, a visual language you understand and converse in. It is real. To Ketakii it is a spiritual practice.