How do I enter?

You must read terms first online then press enter and complete the entry form including uploading images and press ‘submit’, you will be redirected to a payment page then follow the instructions for payment.

Questions about the online entry form

Do I have to be over 18 to enter?

No, You can be any age to enter.

What cards can I use to pay?

The e-commerce system we uses PAYPAL which accepts Visa, Mastercard, as well as Visa and Mastercard debit cards.

I made a mistake on my form. What should I do?

Do NOT submit another (corrected) entry. Just write your corrections on email via the contact page with and we’ll adjust our records if necessary1.

Some information has changed since I submitted the form. What should I do?

Do NOT submit another (changed) entry. Just write the changes on the printouts that accompany your artwork, and we’ll adjust our records if necessary after the work has been delivered. Only contact us in advance if you need to change the prize into which you’ve entered the work – see the next question.

I’ve filled in the form and clicked submit and made payment but I’m not sure if it’s worked. What should I do?

If the form HAS been submitted successfully, and payment has been made via PayPal you will see a message giving you some more information.
In rare cases, if there is a problem with the external banking system processing your payment, you may see an error message.
If there seems to be an issue, we suggest you wait and try again later or on another day.
If you’re still in doubt about whether the process has worked, email obiartprize@gmail.com with your details, including your phone number, and we’ll let you know.

Questions about artwork delivery

Can I send my artwork by Australia Post?

Yes. You can SEND your artwork by Australia Post if you choose, but it must arrive within the specified dates. We will NOT RETURN artworks by Australia Post. No matter how you send or pick-up your work, the Obi Art Prize committee and the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre bear no responsibility for any loss or damage.

Where do I take my artwork?

Deliver your artwork to The Maleny Neighbourhood Centre 17 Bicentenary Lane, Maleny, Qld between the hours of 9am-3pm during the specified time period.

Has my artwork been received?

You’ll be sent an email from the Obi Art Prize when your artwork is received. Do NOT reply to that email. If you have questions, contact your delivery company to confirm delivery.

Artwork-specific questions

Can I enter more than one artwork?

You can only enter one artwork per submission.

What does ‘Earth, Dreams and Magic’ mean?

This is open to the artists interpretation to paint an image that inspires or speaks to them through one or all three of these three elements.

Can I paint from a photograph?


Can I submit a drawing?


Can I submit a photograph?


Can I submit a mixed-media work?

Yes, as long as it it does not include digital images in the painting such as a Photo or computer generated.

Can I submit pastel or ink work?