Enter Prize


There were four categories

  1. The Obi Art Prize
  2. The Obi Peoples Choice Award
  3. The Obi Youth Award
  4. The Obi Encouragement Awards under 11
Obi Art Prize –  Age 19+   
  • First Prize  $3000 Sponsored by Maleny IGA
  • $500 – Highly acclaimed Sponsored by Recyclerama.
Obi Peoples Choice Award
  • Prize $2500 Sponsored by Ken Mills Toyota
Obi Youth Award – Age 11-18
  • Prize  $1500 sponsored by APEX
Obi Encouragement awards
  • $250  Sponsored by Spida Productions + ($250 picture framing from Holdens Gallery) The Obi Youth Award
  • $150 – Sponsored by Andrew Powell MP for Glasshouse Local Heros Award under 11
  • $100 – Sponsored by Andrew Powell MP for Glasshouse Local Heros Award under 11


Jandamarra Cadd – Award winning artist.
David Paulson – Award winning artist.
Chris Hughes – Managing director of the Antique Guild and vice president of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association.


Selected Artists will be notified on the 22nd of May 2018


Artworks will be hung for the event and must be received by

15th June 2018

The Main Obi Art Prize Exhibition – SUNSHINE COAST

7th – 9th July 2018 – Main Event Room – Maleny Community Centre.






1. THE ARTIST must:

  • Each entrant may submit one (1) Work,
  • Be an Australian citizen, Refugee in Australian Territories or resident of Australia.
  • The Obi First Prize entrants must be over the age of 19.
  • The Obi Peoples Choice Award is Open to all ages
  • The Obi Youth Prize entrants must be from the ages of 11yrs to 18.
  • The Obi Encouragement Award is for ages up to 10 years old.
  • Present evidence if required they are eligible to enter the Competition.
  • Be aware that Board members, and employees of MNC and their families are ineligible to enter the Competition.
  • Represent and warrant that their Art Work is the entrant’s sole original work and possesses unencumbered title to the Art Work.

2. THE ARTWORK must:

  • be an original work, painted and owned by the submitting artist created with the intention to enter the 2017 Obi Art Prize.
  • be painted in the correct mediums (refer to 2017 table of inclusions);
  • on a suitably prepared surface;
  • be  two dimensional (2D)
  • express and inspire in a positive light the 2017 theme of RESPECT
  • Follow the theme and the relevant social issues.
  • be a maximum size of 100cm by height x 100cm wide including frame.




The First Prize is acquisitive and the winning artwork immediately becomes the property of the sponsor..


Note the Closing date for Entries is 30th April 2017.

Each entry must

  • be submitted online as a jpg, gif, png or tif file no larger than 5MB
  • Entries must be made Via www.obiartprize.com.au with your completed entry form and a non-refundable entry fee of $20 for your work submitted.
  • Upload three digital images of the Art Work, including one full size and at least one detail view.
  • in .jpg format; and
  • of a resolution of no less than 300ppi or 300dpi in photoshop; and
  • less than 3,000 x 3,000 pixels per image; and
  • not of a file size exceeding six (6) megabytes each; and
  • named in following naming convention: entrant’s surname-entrant’s firstname-title of work.jpg (e.g. smith-joan-artworktitle.jpg or smith-joan-art-work-title.jpg).
  • Include a statement from the artists of 50 words or less.
  • The entry fee includes a years membership to the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (MNC).


No responsibility is accepted for late, lost or misdirected entries.

  • Entries received after the closing date will unfortunately not be considered.
  • Entries will only be accepted through the website.
  • Entries will not be considered received until payment of the Entry fee has been confirmed.


Artists chosen as Finalists

  • will be notified by email or telephone by the 22nd of May 2018
  • must deliver their artwork for further judging and display in the Exhibition and opening Ceremony by sending to the MALENY NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE 17 Bicentenary Lane, Maleny, Qld 4552 by the 15th June 2017.
  • Must provide details for the return of their artwork unless it wins and becomes an acquisition of the sponsor.
  • works must be clearly marked on the back
  • securely packaged to ensure safe transport to and from the Obi Art Prize. The packaging must be clearly labeled and suitable for the re-use by The Obi Art Prize for the return of the selected painting or transportation upon painting’s sale

with the following information:

  • Artist’s Name;
  • Title of artwork
  • Medium
  • Date of Completion
  • Artists Address for return of the artwork
  • must suitably frame or on a board or stretched canvas their artwork and wrap with bubble wrap for safe handling. Perspex, NO GLASS.

Artwork will be shown on www.obiartprize.com.au and may also be shown on social media or in future publicity at the discretion of the Obi Art Prize.


The Obi Art Prize will appoint a Judging panel.

The Judging Panel will select artworks as the finalists and all finalists will be included in the Exhibition on the 7th to the 9th of July 2017 at the Maleny Community Centre.

The Judging Panel:

  • Will view the Selected Art Works in person before selecting the Prize winning Art Work.
  • Will make a decision as to the winning artwork and this decision is final. There will be no appeal from the Judging Panel’s decision.
  • The Obi Art Prize and the Judging Panel reserve the right to not award the Prize.
  • The Obi Art Prize and the Judging Panel reserve the right to exhibit, or not to exhibit, any Art Work at their absolute discretion.
  • In the case of a tie or the unlikely event where the judge’s deliberations are undetermined an appointed member of MNC can exercise a casting vote.

The Judging Criteria

The Judging Panel will:

  • decide on the first prize.
  • individually judge the artwork based on the artist’s ability to reflect the theme of RESPECT within the four stated social areas in a positive way.


The Finalists must ensure that Selected Art Works be :

  • available for display throughout the Exhibition in July 2018
  • professionally presented and ready for installation and suitably framed for display
  • available for sale during the Exhibition and after the Exhibition through the Website.
  • be kept in the possession of Obi Art Prize and the MNC for 1 month unless sold prior.
  • Freight or any other charge incurred by the entrant in the delivery and/or return of the Selected Art Work will be borne by the entrant.
  • The entrant will arrange for the collection of their Selected Art Work at their own cost.
  • Any Selected Work not collected by the entrant after 6 weeks of the Exhibition closing will become the possession of the MNC and MNC will be able to dispose of the Selected Art Work at their discretion.
  • Work donated to the Obi Art Prize will have the proceeds from their sale go to the MNC for their community projects.


The Selected Art Works will be displayed for sale during the Exhibition and/or through the Obi Art Prize Website and by MNC at the price nominated on the Entry Form.

  • 25% commission will be charged on all Selected Art Works sold during the Exhibition or through the Website by the Obi Art prize.
  • Obi Art prize and the MNC will have the first option to purchase any of the Selected Art Works at the price nominated by the entrant on their Entry Form.


Each entrant irrevocably permits and authorises MNC to reproduce the Selected Art Works in print and electronic form for any purpose of the promotion of the Competition and future competitions for no fee.

  • Authorship by the artists will be published alongside any reproduction of Art Works.
  • Copyright authorisation will be sought from the relevant entrant should the Obi Art prize or the MNC receive an external request (e.g. from an institution or a publisher) for reproduction of a Selected Art Work.


To the extent permitted by law, neither MNC or the Obi Art Prize be liable for any loss or damage to the Art Work or suffered by any entrant.

  • Where the Obi Art Prize or MNC is liable for any loss or damage to the Art Work or suffered by any entrant, the Obi Art Prize or MNC will only be liable to the extent which they caused the loss or damage.
  • To the extent permitted by law, the entrant must indemnify and keep indemnified MNC and the Gallery and their officers, employees, contractors and agents against any action, claim, liability, cost, expense, loss or damage suffered or incurred by Obi Art Prize or the MNC arising out of or in connection with an act or omission of the entrant.
  • To the extent permitted by law, the entrant must release MNC and their officers, employees, contractors and agents from any action, claim, liability, cost, expense, loss or damage suffered or incurred by the entrant arising out of or in connection with an act or omission of MNC or The Gallery.
  • MNC is not responsible for the insurance cover of Art Works.
  • Each entrant is responsible for insurance cover of his or her Art Work.
  • The artist will indemnify and keep indemnified the Obi Art Prize and the MNC against any claim by a third party in relation to their artwork.
  • The Obi Art Prize reserves the right to declare ineligible any work that does not conform to their interpretation of the terms of the Conditions of Entry.
  • Employees and relatives of the Obi Art Prize are ineligible to enter.

I have read all the terms and conditions of entry and agree to abide by them.

By clicking on the link to the entry form below you are legally bound to these terms and conditions.