Creative writing

creative writing


Create works to inspire positive social change.  Creative writers are invited to submit short stories, poetry, spoken word or short plays that positively addresses the theme of RESPECT across any of the areas of:

  • Indigenous Culture
  • LGBT
  • Refugees
  • Domestic Violence

for a “Creative Writing for Social Change” E-Book.
Writers receive 50% of the profits from the sale of the E-book and 50% goes to the charity to help run social programs.

Let your Creative writing make a difference.

Enter by filling in the form below

Entry Form - creative writing for change

Entry details for artists

    upload your creative piece in .pdf format. If chosen for the e-book you will be contacted by email.
  • Which area of respect are you writing about?
  • A short description about you as a creative writer.
  • upload your piece in .pdf format only no bigger than 1MB. Please note the SUBMIT BUTTON will disappear while your .pdf uploads. When finished the button will re-appear for you to submit the form.
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